Sunday, January 8, 2017

Logging in to a .NET application using the WSO2 Identity Server

OIDC client sample in .NET

  • Select Configuration (under Oauth/OpenID Connect Configuration)

  • Start the .NET application and fill the necessary details (eg: client id/ request uri etc), then it gets redirected to the IS authentication endpoint

(Note: Client key/secret can be found under Inbound Authentication and Configuration section of the created SP)

  • Authenticate via IS

  • Select Approve/Always Approve

  • After successfully authenticated, user gets redirected back to callback page with the oauth code. Then we need to fill the given information (eg: secret/grant type etc) and submit the form to retrieve the token details. It does a REST call to token endpoint and retrieve the token details. Since it does a server to server call we need to import the IS server certificate and export to Visual Studio Management Console to avoid SSL handshake exceptions.

  • Once the REST call is succeeded we could see the token details alone with the base64 decoded JWT (ID Token) details.

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